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Cooley Aircraft Manufacturing and Modifications Company
If you’re looking for personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At CAMM Co I’ll give you the personal service you expect. I offer the best in aircraft sheet metal modifications and tools designed to make the aircraft mechanic's work faster and more efficient. CAMM Co has been located in Wasilla, Alaska since 1994. 
This web site was built to promote tools I have designed and have manufactured here in Wasilla, Alaska.  

My first tool is a Mag Timing Tool for Continental engines; 0-300, 470, 520, & 550 - all you have to do is position engine #1 TDC compression. Lube grommets and install this side aft on the top 2 horizontal prop nuts. Sight down top case halves for mag timing. REMOVE TOOL.

My second tool is in response to AD 2011-10-09 which requires inspection of rollers, roller housings, seat rails, engagement pin and attaching hardware. It is a "No Go Tool." There are five measurements required for each pilot and co-pilot seat.  My "No Go Tools" shorten the time to make these five measurements to only two minutes!

You can order my tools from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company:

                             Mag Timing Tool

 and Aircraft Tool Supply:

Magneto Timing Tool 
Wear Gauges

You can also purchase my tools locally in Palmer, AK at Glacier Aircraft Parts (907) 745-7100,
and in Anchorage, AK at Floats Alaska (907) 248-7070 and Reeve Air Motive (907) 272-8522

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